Advocating for the rights of the deaf is one of our core focus areas as we believe in a rights based approach. Through advocacy, we strive to make the general public sensitive towards the special requirements of the deaf and at the same time break the traditional charity based mindsets of people towards differently abled people.

We strongly believe that the right opportunity provided at the right time can transform the silent world of the deaf. We organize various seminars, camps, orientation meetings to sensitize people and generate awareness about the rights and entitlements of the deaf and inclusive development. We have conducted seminar in collaboration with All India Deaf Union Committee (IDUC) on might, justice & empowerment, welfare implementation and human rights. We also conduct road shows and rallies to observe international disability day.

Speaking Hands Welfare Foundation is working towards finding a sustainable solution to these problems. But we cannot do this alone. We need your help. Every contribution, big or small, can make a difference. It will help stem some of the damage to fragile ecosystems; it will help sustain some indigenous communities and their unique cultures. It will give us fresh heart. And it will tell the world that you care.

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