SPEAKING HANDS WELFARE FOUNDATION is a non-political, non- profit secular charitable trust. Our foundation is devoted to the noble cause of welfare of deaf persons by providing them technical training to enable them to become self-reliant. Our aim is to develop their potential to the fullest and integrate them in mainstream society. Speaking Hands is presently working in Rajpura, Punjab.


The main mission of the organization is to work for the advancement of the underprivileged sections of the society by enhancing their access to modern and scientific facilities. One of our basic approaches for undertaking development programmes was to transform the lives of the rural communities with special focus on deaf youth and women whom we empower to form independent self-reliant groups of their own. Besides these, we also focus on providing education, introducing children and youth to the great Indian culture and creating a conducive environment for improving the quality of life and facilitating holistic development of the deaf children and youth. This could be done successfully by developing leadership at the local/grassroots level. Towards this end the organization has taken up initiatives to mobilize and motivate the local people to actively participate in development activities and thus develop leadership qualities, especially among the deaf and other backward sections of the society. So far we have received positive response from all the stakeholders involved and hope their support will continue to help us fulfill our mission.


The scenario of development of the deaf in India is extremely poor. It is a matter of deep regret that the majority of the deaf persons in India lack access to basic necessities of life, not to mention access to higher education especially in the field of science and technology. Considering the prevailing condition of the deaf in India, the organization envisions to conduct activities for the deaf to facilitate their integrated development in terms of mental, physical, economical, educational, socio-cultural well-being irrespective of age, caste, creed and socio-economic status to achieve our mission successfully.


  • To facilitate holistic development of deaf children and youth
  • To expand career options for deaf youth
  • To build their confidence and self-esteem in order to make them effective team members at the work place
  • To help them get their desired job by preparing them for job interviews and developing effective CVs
  • To provide skills, knowledge and experience required to ensure success in their chosen career path